"Q" class Utility Destroyers
Name Pennant Completed Builder Fate
Queenborough G70 10/12/42 Swan Hunter To RAN 1945, scrapped 1975
Quadrant G11 28/11/41 Hawthorn Leslie To RAN 1945, scrapped 1962
Quail G45 7/1/43 Hawthorn Leslie Mined 15/11/43 off Bari, foundered under tow18/6/44
Quality G62 7/9/42 Swan Hunter To RAN 942, scrapped 1958
Quentin G78 15/4/42 White Torpedoed by Italian plaes 2/12/42 off Galita Island
Quiberon G81 22/7/42 White To RAN 1942, scrapped 1972
Quickmatch G92 30/9/42 White To RAN 1942, scrapped 1972
Quilliam G09 22/10/41 Hawthorn Leslie To RNethN 1945 as Banckert, scrapped 1957

* - Flotilla leaders

General 1:600 view of "Q" class. The larger hull of the "J" class was an improvement over the "O" type hull, and the topweight of the latter which led to 4" armament was allowed for in the return to 4.7" guns. 20mm AA cannons were a built in feature. © Andrew Arthur.
1:600 Quail. © Andrew Arthur.
HMS Quality carried SW.273 RDF on a lattice in place of the searchlight. © Andrew Arthur.

This class adhered to the same design as the "O" and "P" classes, but on the slightly larger "J" class hull, which allowed a slight increase in topweight without needing to add solid ballast.
The bridge carried seperate HA and LA DCT's, and with two fewer 4.7" guns than the "J" class, a lot of magazine space was converted to bunkerage, increasing range.
Unlike earlier vessels, the Flotilla leader had a wider and not longer after superstructure for the Flag Offices.
Two DC mortars and three rails were provided aft, with 45 DC's in stowage, but removing "Y" gun added 6 extra mortars and 120 extra depth charges - a good trade off.
Later, an extra pair of single oerlikons was provided abreast the searchlight, and the singles in the wings were replaced by twin mountings.
AR type 285 and AW type 290 were fitted, the former on the HA/DCT.

Full Displacement 2411 tons Length 339.5'
Empty Displacement 1692 tons Beam 35.75'
Load 719 tons Draft 9.5'


Performance & Propulsion
Machinery 2 x Admirality 3 drum boilers, 2 x Parsons geared steam turbines @ 40000 hp
Speed 36 kts, 32 kts full Range 4675 nm @ 20 kts.


Armament & Complement
Complement 176 Officers & Ratings, 225 in Flotilla Leaders
  • Gun
    • 4 x 1 x 4.7" LA
    • 1 x 4 x 2pdr pom-pom AA
    • 6 x 1 x 20mm Oerlikon AA, later;
    • 6 x 1 x & 2 x 2 x 20mm Oerlikon AA
  • Torpedoes
    • 2 x 4 x 21" tubes
  • ASW
    • 2 or 8 x DC lobbers
    • 3 x DC rails
    • 45 or 110 DC lobbers
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