Colony class Frigates
Name Pennant Builder Completed Fate
Anguilla K500 Walsh-Kaiser 21/10/43 Returned USN, scrapped
Antigua K501 Walsh-Kaiser 4/11/43 Returned USN, scrapped
Ascension K502 Walsh-Kaiser 8/11/43 Returned USN, scrapped
Bahamas K503 Walsh-Kaiser 20/11/43 Returned USN, scrapped
Barbados K504 Walsh-Kaiser 30/11/43 Returned USN, scrapped
Caicos K505 Walsh-Kaiser 8/12/43 Returned USN, to Argentina as Santissma Trinidad, later Comodoro Augusto Laserre
Cayman K506 Walsh-Kaiser 16/12/43 Returned USN, scrapped
Dominica K507 Walsh-Kaiser 23/12/43 Returned USN, scrapped
Labuan K584 Walsh-Kaiser 11/1/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Tobago K585 Kopper-Bartlett-Hayward 15/1/44 Returned USN, expended as Suez blockship, scrapped
Motserrat K586 Kopper-Bartlett-Hayward 11/1/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Nyasaland K587 Kopper-Bartlett-Hayward 19/1/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Papua K588 Beliot Iron Works 23/1/44 Returned USN, expended as Suez blockship, scrapped
Pitcairn K589 Beliot Iron Works 6/7/44 Returned USN, scrapped
St. Helena K590 Beliot Iron Works 2/2/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Sarawark K591 Beliot Iron Works 7/2/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Seychelles K592 Beliot Iron Works 12/2/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Perim K593 Beliot Iron Works 17/2/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Somaliland K594 Beliot Iron Works 22/2/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Tortola K595 Beliot Iron Works 15/5/44 Returned USN, scrapped
Zanzibar K596 Beliot Iron Works 21/6/44 Returned USN, scrapped

This design was a US development of the "River" class frigate, 100 of which were to built for the Royal Navy. The design was simplified and made utilitarian for the purposes of mass productio by US shipyards - it took only 4 moths to lay down, launch and complete some of these vessels, and they featured welding from end-to-end, effectively being one big lump of metal :-)
One thing that remained British in the design was the use of recprocating machinery, not normally found in US designs. Only 21 were completed and supplied however, as compensations to the loss of Destroyer-Escorts to the USN, and these vessels seem far better and more useful than the DE's, and the RN crews were already familiar with the design.
They were well and uniformly armed with three single 3" AA, two RDF tower controlled twin Bofors, and six single 20mm AA guns. A hedgehog and four DC mortars were carried.
USN SA AW and SL SW RDF was carried.
was later converted to a fighter direction ship, carrying GW.277 RDF and served off the east coast detecting V.1 bombs before it was too late, and vectoring in RAF fighters.

Dimensions & Displacements
Length 304' Beam 37.5' Draught 13.25'
Full Displacement 2238 tons Standard Displacement 1509 tons


Performance & Propulsion
Speed 20 knots Range 3000 nm @ 19 knots, 7300 nm @ 11 knots
Machinery 2 x water tube boilers, 2 x VTE reciprocating triple expansion engines @ 5500 ihp


Armament & Complement
Complement 120 officers & ratings
  • Gun
    • 3 x 1 x 3" AA
    • 2 x 2 x 40mm Bofors AA
    • 6 x 1 x 20mm Oerlikon AA
  • ASW
    • 1 x 3 x 12" Squid A/S mortar
    • 4 x Depth-Charge lobbers and 2 x rails
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