"P" class Patrol Submarines
Name Pennant Builder Completed Fate
Parthain 75P Chatham RDY 13/1/31 Probably mined off Brindisi, c. 31/7/43
Perseus 36P Vickers 15/4/30 Mined off Zante, 6/12/41
Phoenix 96P Cammell Laird 3/2/31 Depth-charged by Italian motor boat Albatros off Sicily, 16/7/40
Poseidon 99P Vickers 5/5/30 Collisionn with merchant Yuta off Wei-Hai-Wei, 9/6/31
Proteus 29P Vickers 17/6/30 Scrapped 1946
Pandora 42P Vickers 30/6/30 Bombed by Germany off Sliema, 1/4/42. Salved 1943 & beached, scrapped 1955
1:600 "P" class submarine. Note the raked bow. © Andrew Arthur

These boats were very similar to the "O" classes of boats but slightly larger to accommodate more powerful machinery, and with a raked stem that would become a characteristic of later boats.
Some of the fuel tanks were moved inboard and the long range external tanks were of welded construction to cure the fuel seepage of earlier classes.
Like the "O" classes these boats were designed for the Far East and suffered heavy losses in the confines of the Mediterranean, with only 3 surviving the war.
In 1941 & 1942, Pandora and Parthian were operated as supply ships for Malta. One battery compartment & the spare torpedo compartment were turned over to supply areas, as were some of the crew's and storage areas. Some of the fuel, lubricant, water & ballast tanks were turned over to aviation fuel bunkers. HM s/m's Otus and Regent were similarly altered.
By 1944, Proteus carried one 20mm cannon and three 0.5" MG AA in place of her original AA armament of two 0.303" guns.

Surface Displacement 1760 tons Length 88.4 m
Submerged Displacement 2040 tons Beam 9.12 m
Ballast load 280 tons Draft 4.9 m
Performance & Propulsion
Range 10500 nm, 40 days
Dive ? m
Speed 17.5 kts ( 8.6 kts submerged )
Machinery 2 x Admirality Diesels @ 4640 hp,
2 x Electric motors @ 1635 hp
Armament & Complement
Complement 6 officers & 47 ratings
  • Torpedo
    • 6 x 21" bow tubes
    • 2 x 21" stern tubes
    • 14 x 21" torpedoes or;
    • 18 x mines
  • Gun
    • 1 x 1 x 4" DP
    • 2 x 1 x 0.303" MG AA
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