Old Hunt class Sloops
Name Pennant Builder Completed Fate
Tedworth N32 Simons 1917 Scrapped 1946
Aberdare N19 Ailsa 1918 Scrapped 1947
Abingdon N23 Ailsa 1918 Bombed by Italian aircraft 1/4/42 & beached Kalkara Creek, scrapped 1950
Albury N41 Ailsa 1919 Scrapped 1947
Alresford N06 Ailsa 1919 Scrapped 1947
Bagshot N57 Ardrossan D.D 1919 To accomodation ship Medway II, Mercantile Bagshot mined 1/9/51
Derby N90 Clyde S.B 1918 Scrapped 1946
Dundalk N60 Clyde S.B 1919 Mined in Harwich Bay 16/10/40
Dunnon N52 Clyde S.B 1919 Mined off Great Yarmouth 30/4/40
Elgin N39 Simons 1919 Scrapped 1945
Fareham N89 Dunlop Bremner 1918 To accomodation ship St. Angelo II, scrapped 1948
Fermoy N40 Dundee S.B 1919 Bombed by Italian aircraft off Valleta 30/4/41, writen off & scrapped
Harrow N60 Eltrigham 1918 Scrapped 1947
Huntley N56 Eltrigham 1919 Bomber by German aircraft off Mersa Matruh 31/4/41
Lydd N44 Fairfield 1919 Scrapped 1947
Pangbourne N37 Lobnitz 1918 Scrapped 1947
Fitzroy J03 Lobnitz 1919 To training ship 1939, minesweeper 1940, mined off Great Yarmouth 27/5/42
Flinders J04 Lobnitz 1919 Accomodation ship 1940, scrapped 1945
Ross N45 Lobnitz 1919 Scrapped 1947
Saltash N62 Murdock Murray 1918 Scrapped 1947
Saltburn N52 Murdock Murray 1918 Grounded off Horse Sand Fort 26/10/45 & written off, scrapped 1946
Selkirk N18 Murdock Murray 1919 Scrapped 1947
Stoke N33 Rennoldson 1918 Bomber by German aircraft off Tobruk 7/5/41
Sutton N78 McMillan 1918 Scrapped 1947
Kellet J05 Simons 1919 Scrapped 1945
Widnes N55 Napier Miller 1918 Bombed by German Aircraft in Suda Bay 20/5/41, beached & abandoned
Salvaged as German sloop 12.V4, later Uj.2109.
Sunk by gunfire from HMS Eclipse, Faulknor & RHN Queen Olga 17/10/43
1:600 Old Hunt class sloop HMS Dunoon, early war with a 4" LA forward and
a 12pdr AA aft © Andrew Arthur
1:600 Old Hunt class sloop HMS Aberdare, later war. The 4" LA has been
replaced by a 12pdr AA and four single 20mm AA have been added, one in each
wing and one on each side of the upper deck aft © Andrew Arthur

During the First World War, little provision had been made for minesweeping, as it was thought that requisitioned fishing boats and paddle-steamers would suffice. Unfortunately, they were not ideally suitable, and were requisitioned so fast that soon there were no vessels left.
For this reason, the "Flower" class sloop was put in hand, but being larger and more suitable for escort, they performed the latter general, and the "Hunt" class were laid down for the former role, smaller, cheaper and with less draught. It was originally planned to use paddle wheels, to decrease draught to a bare minimum, but the loss of propulsion in running seas, and their succeptibility to mine damage led to a return to screws.
They were small, lacking freeboard and short on bunkerage, but proved very capable of colonial employment.
Only the original Ailsa Shipbuilding group saw WW1 service, and the Admirality second group were little different, but completed too late.
By WWII, the 88 vessels built had been depleted to 27 vessels, lacking some or all guns. Wartime modifications were limited to standardising on four single 20mm cannon and two 12pdr AA guns.

HMS Albany. The 'A' frame forward is an acoustic hammer added mid-war to defeat acoustic mines. Note how much extra equipment ( rafts, lockers, stores, rigs ) has been added to cope with wartime demands and the replacal of the forward gun with a gun-tub for ( probably ) a pom-pom or Oerlikon. © Steven Johnson
HMS Kellet. Note the pom-pom on the forward deck area and acoustic hammer.
HMS Moresby pre-war converted to a surveying ship. She was re-converted wartime to a minesweeper.
HMS Sutton, armed with two 12pdr. AA guns, fore and aft, and there is a 20mm cannon forward of the bridge. © Steven
Dimensions & Displacement
Standard Displacement 710 tons Length 231'
Full Displacement 930 tons Beam 28.5'
Load 220 tons Draught 7.5'
Performance & Propulsion
Speed 16.5 knots Range 1500 nm @ 10 knots
2 x Yarrow water tube boilers, 1 x vertical triple expansion reciprocating engine @ 2000 ihp
Armament & Complement
Complement 74 officers & ratings
Armament Schemes
  • Gun
    • 1 x 1 x 4" AA
    • 1 x 1 x 12pdr AA
    • 2 x 1 x 0.303" MG AA ( added early WW2 )
  • ASW
    • DC throwers
    • DC rails
  • Gun
    • 2 x 1 x 12pdr AA
    • 4 x 1 x 20mm Oerlikon AA
  • ASW
    • DC throwers
    • DC rails
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